5 Questions With Grete Himberg

Hi dolls!

It’s me again, Grete!

Starting as a lash artist can be so exciting. But staying busy, motivated and on top of this competitive industry can be so overwhelming and sometimes also demotivating. So how to keep yourself focused, motivated and positive in this ever-growing and changing lash world?

Here are the top 5 questions I get asked in my DMs constantly about this subject and here’s what I think…

What are your tips for someone who is starting out in the lash industry and how to stay motivated? It is so competitive!

Start with doing really good lash course first. It is your foundation and it matters so much! After completing your courses, practice, practice, practice! You won’t be good straight away as it’s impossible. But with lots of research, extra training and practice you will get there soon enough!

Have you heard the sentence – there are enough clients for everyone! 🙂 It is true. I don’t think the lash industry is over-saturated ….we don’t have enough PROPERLY EDUCATED  lash artists who charge their worth. So when you are starting out as a new lash artist and you want to succeed and be on the top, it will be hard work like it is with everything else. Just do the work! 

Make sure that the products you are using are quality products so you can provide your clients with the best from the start. Charge accordingly. 

Remember why you started, what brought you to lashes. And keep going. Not settling is the key. Staying on top of trends, knowing how to take good quality photos, improving every day, practicing and giving your best will bring you out on top!

How many courses/ masterclasses should you do to get good at lashes?

You are never ever too old to learn something new or improve and better yourself. 

Beginners classic and volume courses are a must to learn the basics and to get insurance. After that don’t stop! Keep learning and improving whenever the opportunity arises itself. Pick out lash artists whose work you admire and who inspire you and reach out to them to see if you can do some 1-1 classes with them You can learn so so much! I don’t see a point in training with people who are kind of similar to the ones that you admire, it just won’t be the same. You will still keep looking at the ones whose work you love and you’ll never be satisfied. So save the money and train with the best.

How would you recommend someone grows on social media?

Consistency is key! If you stay consistent the results will come. Pick a platform that you like and fully commit to it. If you don’t like being in front of the camera, you don’t have to do it! Don’t get stressed about it. 

Give value to your clients/ followers and you can do that by creating informative and aesthetic posts on Canva or on other programs. There are so many options. 

When posting, try and think from your client’s point of view. What would they love to see? Try and bring your personality and style to your posts/ videos so it’s easier for you to keep creating, rather than copying someone else. Stay active with your audience, test out different hashtags and times when is best to post. I think if you put your time, energy and effort into it, and stay authentic then the following and growth of your platform will happen organically! It’s like magic!

What to do if someone copies your work/ captions/ style? It is so frustrating!

Yes, it is. But….you know what they say- take it as a compliment. Hearing that sentence usually frustrates us even more, so don’t take it as a compliment, but think of them as followers. They will never be ahead of you because they are copying someone else’s style without actually creating their own. 

So what to do? 

First, stop looking at their page. It’s hard at first, but literally, force yourself and you’ll get here. Block their page if that helps. 

Now put that energy that you currently put into stalking them into your own business. Work on yourself, better yourself, learn different lash styles, learn how to take/ edit your photos to the highest quality, concentrate on giving your clients the best so they keep coming back. Do your best in terms of protecting your work and designs, and continue to be creative. After all, the “heart” of what you do can’t be duplicated.

What are some things that help you stay positive?

Surround yourself with positive people, not mood and energy hoovers! 

It can be hard being a newbie in the lash industry or feeling that you just can’t get things off the ground properly.

Try not to compare yourself and your work to other lash artists who have years of experience and who have been bossing it for decades. We all started from somewhere and we have all been in your shoes before.  Take them as an inspiration, someone to learn from and maybe even who could mentor you. If you want to be where they are, then learn directly from them. Hard work and consistency will make it happen for you! 

But, it’s not all about work. Take time for yourself, exercise, have enough sleep (this is like a magic tool! Without having enough sleep, I become just useless and emotional. I can’t concentrate or be productive. So make sure you get enough to bring the best out you!), look after yourself daily.

Have the same morning and nighttime routine so you can start your day positively and in a good mood, without rushing, and finish it feeling relaxed and completed. Read self-development books and positive affirmations, it can really change your mindset. 

I hope you have found answers to some of your questions and if you would like me to elaborate on some topics more, please get in touch!