The importance of cleaning lash extensions

One of the most common issues as an eyelash technician, and also one of the most frustrating – dirty lashes. When a client arrives at their appointment with makeup residue, glue stuck in their lashes or oily lashes, its extremely time consuming to then spend extra time cleaning the eyelash extensions before you even begin your appointment. Ensuring your clients arrive at their appointments free from make up, oily buildup and mascara free makes our lives so much easier!

The more we educate our clients, then means clients can then take responsibility for their own lashes, and how to take care of them properly. Once your clients understand how to take care of their lashes and cleanse their lashes and lash extensions, life becomes so much easier for the both of you.

Aftercare products are becoming more important than ever, and the lash process should become part of our weekly routine – like washing our hair, we should be washing our lashes!! As lash artists it is our job to ensure our clients are educated the right way. 

One of the best ways to help a client with frequently dirty lashes is to recommend a lash cleaner. Lash shampoos are little bottles of magic formulated to lift make up and any unwanted nasties off the lashes. Washing your lashes has the same theory behind it as washing our hair,  oils catch into the lashes just like they do on your head, they are just more difficult to see in a smaller area. Here at Lash Dolls U.K. we recommend our ‘Squeaky Clean’ lash shampoo to all of our clients and customers. This will keep their lashes clean, fresh and in the best condition. Our ‘squeaky clean’ lash shampoo is especially formulated for sensitive eyes, making it perfect for all clients. You can be sure it won’t irritate your clients eyes, but is strong enough to get rid of any make up residue, oils or skin debris. 

Helping to keep your lash extensions clean and therefore lasting longer is one of the most important parts of aftercare. Lash extensions do not stick to dirty lashes, so if you want your clients to receive the best retention possible then explaining the importance of cleansing their lashes is key! 

We understand that speaking to your clients about their dirty lashes can be an uncomfortable topic, we recommend asking if they use certain face washes or make up that are oily which could be affecting their lashes. If your client is naturally oily, or wears a lot of make up then we recommend them to be cleansing their lashes daily, other than that clients should be cleansing lashes every other day. You could then suggest an oil-free make up removers, face washes or moisturisers. Explain how oils are the number one enemy of lash glue and extensions in general and remember, the more we educate, the more your clients will understand the importance and logic behind what we are telling them. Which will, in turn, improve the retention of your clients lashes and also start giving you more time as you will not be spending time cleaning lashes at the beginning of appointments. 

You could also take a photo of your clients lashes before cleansing, so they can have a visual of what their lashes look like. It is hard for clients to see the dirt in their lashes if they aren’t looking up-close, so by seeing what they look like under the bright LED lights of your lash studio could give them an instant shock! Many people just don’t think their lashes are as dirty as they are. Remember to do this respectfully and quietly as I’m sure they wouldn’t want the whole salon to know what condition their lashes are in. 

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Written by: Lucy Askham