Should I cancel my clients for the Queen’s funeral?

Should I cancel my clients for the Queen’s funeral?

With the latest news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, we have had many questions asked. One question in particular has been asked the most… Should I cancel my clients for the Queen’s funeral? We’re here today to answer all of your questions in one place!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard the news that Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday 8th September 2022. Following her death, there has been a national bank holiday announced for the funeral. With this announcement made on such short notice many lash artists are faced with the decision of whether to reschedule clients or to remain open. 

Here are many of the questions we have seen asked and our respective answers:

When is the Queen’s funeral/bank holiday?

Monday 19th September 2022

Is it disrespectful to stay open on the funeral day?

While many people are greatly impacted by the news of the Queen’s passing, there are also many people who are not. During a time of uncertainty with the cost of living crisis, we do not feel it is at all disrespectful to stay open on the day of the funeral. 

Whether you’re someone who needs to stay open for financial reasons or simply are not affected by the news, we believe as long as you stay respectful to peoples opinions it is acceptable to remain working.

Can I charge my clients who want to cancel to watch the funeral?

We do not suggest you charge clients who wish to change their appointment for the day of the funeral. If allowing clients to cancel on short notice isn’t financially an option for you, we suggest offering free rescheduling of appointments. 

Can I cancel my client appointments for the funeral day?

If you would like to cancel your appointments to mourn the death of the Queen we believe it is completely reasonable for you to do so. We suggest you reschedule your clients and for any who want to cancel you should not charge them cancellation fees.

If, however, you’re seeing this as a chance for a day off to go out or get an extra day off, we personally do not think it is professional for you to do so. This puts clients out of their appointments on such short notice without reason. 

What are Lash Dolls UK doing on the day?

At the salon based at Lash Dolls UK HQ, we have decided to suggest the following:

  • Any lash artists who would like to take the day off and watch the funeral may reschedule their clients. Due to their scheduled appointments being cancelled, clients will also have the option to cancel with no cancellation fees.
  • If the lash artists would like to remain working, we recommend they offer their clients the opportunity to reschedule their appointments. In the event that a client would like to cancel their appointment to watch the funeral (without rescheduling), they will be charged the usual cancellation fee. 

Will Lash Dolls UK be open on the funeral day?

Our team will be off during the national bank holiday. Orders placed from 1pm Friday 16th September may not be packed for delivery until Tuesday 20th September. This is due to the national bank holiday on Monday 19th September.


So, should I cancel my clients for the Queen’s funeral? At the end of the day, it is up to you. Please try to respect everyone’s opinions and feelings throughout this time. This is a huge part of the country’s history and it is important to act as professionally as you can.

Thanks for reading. Do you agree with our answers? Leave a comment to let us know what you’ll be doing for this bank holiday.

Should I cancel my clients for the Queen’s funeral?
Written by Olivia B.