Easy Fanning Glue Rings

Need help making fans or speeding up appointment times? These easy fanning glue rings will be your new best friend. Simply dip the lashes in the glue and swoop through one of the slits to see the lashes fall into a beautiful fan.


Pack of 50.


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Have you tried our Easy Fanning Glue Rings?

Glue wells and Jade Stones/Crystals don’t work for everyone, and that’s okay! This is why we have different options for Lash Artists including our Easy Fanning Glue Rings!

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Glue rings are a convenient place to hold your lash adhesive
  • Slits around the ring to aid easy fanning
  • Lightweight material
  • Available in a gorgeous light pink
  • Hygienic and disposable
  • Come in packs of 50

When using this product, simply put the ring on your less dominant hand and dispense a glue drop into the ring. Replenish every 15-20 minutes or whenever your adhesive/environment requires. Once you have completed your set, dispose of the ring.

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Are you in need of a new glue to use with your glue wells?

We currently have 5 lash adhesives available:

  • Miracle Bond – Our first Clear glue!
  • Magic Bond – Perfect for beginners due to its slightly slower drying time (and its latex free!)
  • Mega Bond – Lash Legacy UK customers favourite!
  • Mega Bond 2.0 – Newest glue already loved by so many!
  • Master Bond – For the true Lash Masters!


Weight 54 g
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 cm

Pink, White