Curved Cleansing Brush


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We all know as Lash Artists how important aftercare is when it comes to lash extensions!

The best thing about our curved cleansing brush?  It is sustainable and reusable. 

Make sure that your clients are “in the know” when they leave your treatment room. Purchasing our cleansing brushes, as well as shampoo sachets is a great way retail aftercare packages to clients. (Want to save time and money, take a look at our Retail Aftercare Kits). Not only are you educating your clients on lash and eye hygiene, but also you are able to add retail profit to your business.

What you need to know about our curved cleansing brush:

  • Perfect to retail to clients with a lash shampoo
  • Curved shape fits perfectly to lash life for effective cleaning
  • Soft bristles made from synthetic hair
  • Shape of brush allows for deep cleansing whilst still being gentle to lashes and extensions

Eyelash extensions need to be washed daily to clean away any dead skin cells, make-up and build of bacteria. 

If not washed, this can lead to nasty infections! 

Please remember to educate your clients to avoid any long term damage! 

Just think… On a usual day without lash extensions, you would still be washing your face daily around the eye area, and more so if you were wearing make-up. This should NOT change when wearing lashes, only the products used need to be changed to make sure they are extension friendly


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Dimensions 17 × 1 × 1 cm

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