A New Trend Has Arrived – Brown Eyelashes

Brown eyelashes are becoming increasingly popular in 2021, and we’re here for it! 

Not all clients want the dramatic, ultra black lashes that we are so used to providing, some are heading more towards subtle, natural looking lash extensions. If you take a look at your own eyelashes, most of our eyelashes are not jet black. So, by using brown lash extensions on your clients will emphasise their eyes in a more natural looking way than black eyelash extensions will, whilst still gaining the full volume and length that lash extensions provide. 

Brown eyelash extensions are suitable for all clients, but they are an especially great alternative for your clients with a lighter skin tone. Often, your blonde and redhead clients have lighter natural eyelashes and eyebrows to coincide with their fair skin, so by using brown eyelashes is the most natural way to enhance their current lashes. Therefore, the lash extensions will appear much more believable; I mean who doesn’t want lash extensions that look that they could have grown themselves? 

As well as your fair skinned clients, brown eyelashes are also great for your mature clients. As using dark, black lashes can often be too harsh. As you get older, the natural lashes lose their hydration and elasticity and become much thinner, so you will often see your older clients have less and more sparse natural lashes. Adding black eyelash extensions to already sparse eyelashes can make their bare lash line stand out (and no one wants that!).  Therefore, using brown eyelash extensions are an amazing alternative, and will have your clients lashes looking full and natural!

We recommend varying your kit with a mix of black eyelashes, and also brown eyelashes of different tones (light to dark brown) to ensure you are able to provide the most suitable lashes for all of your clients.  

Overall, brown eyelashes are a great addition you really need in your kits! They are perfect for all of your client’s but especially those with fairer skin tones, maturer clients and also anyone that just wants a more natural look. 

So keep your eyes peeled on the Lash Dolls U.K. website as we may have these available very, very soon!